Trinity Industries Transportation Brief Profile


Trinity Industries Transportation is a division of Trinity Industries working for its transportation necessities and its subsidiaries. However, it is also allowed to make contracts to deliver for other companies.


Its fleet consists in 120 trucks with Detroit Diesel engines, ABS brakes, 10 speed transmissions, cruise control and more.  The 750 trailers could be double or single drops, van trailers, steerables, van trailers and such.


Trinity Industries Transportation Company pays $0.34 to $0.36 per mile. $10 per stop and an annual bonus of $2 000 are some others pay ways that Trinity Industries offers its drivers. The benefits are medical and life insurances, paid vacation, cancer policy, tuition reimbursement and nine holydays payments.


Trinity Industries Transportation supports its operations from five terminals in Dallas and Eagle Pass, Texas; Quincy, Illinois; Rocky Mount in North Carolina and W. Middlesex in Pennsylvania.