A Truckers Hand: Solidarity in Crisis

By: Bubbajunk.com

Truck drivers represent one of the most important labor forces in the transportation industry within the United States. Due to the nature of their job, truck drivers believe a lot in camaraderie, solidarity and mutual help; and this was easily seen when hurricane Katrina struck home. The consequences of this natural disaster are innumerable, and there were not enough hands to help, but truck drivers got together and gave from their time and strength to cooperate with the affected by this catastrophe.

Truck Drivers from all over America were rushing to help victims, to bring them food, offer them shelter and transport their pets! Yes, Organized teams went out looking for lost pets to move them to a safe place.

Unfortunately, although everyone gave their best, finding the right help was very difficult. For the mobilization of the trucks to be possible, lots of communities got together an amazing amount of donations and product to get to the Gulf Coast area. Some groups were able to get relief out immediately by pre booking their trucks to transport to that area.

All of this transportation had a price. The standard rate for a transport is about 1.50 2.00/mile depending on gas prices. A solid rate to the New Orleans area will end up being about $3450. These prices were the ones assorted groups got if they were able to get shipments booked early, mainly within the first week following Katrina. Later, some transportation companies started charging 6K-12K a truckload. Small assistance groups would not able to compete with those prices and most trucks that were pre booked were cancelled due to the fact that its drivers were willing to get more money somewhere else, despite contracts and deposits made.

In crisis situations, solidarity and empathy must rule. Economic issues must take a second place when these circumstances are happening. People must get together to work for only one goal. We can all learn a lesson from the truck drivers that did all they could to help these victims.  They let money take a ride in the backseat while their compassion led the way. For the truck drivers who helped for the sake of helping alone, thanks a lot.