The Tomato Harvest in Mike Lowrie Trucking


During the tomato harvest season in California (usually between July and even October) the Mike Lowrie Trucking Company opens opportunities for the drivers. The interesting point is that Mike Lowrie Trucking employs -just during this time- inexperienced and even CDL class C drivers. Of course they give driver training for the job for them to become professional truck drivers.

Mike Lowrie Trucking exists since 1978 and its emphasis has been in hauling agricultural products. At the present, this company works particularly in California State; it serves to the agricultural industry and the construction industry.

It has a fleet of 130 Perterbilt tractors, 90 bottom dump trailers, flatbed trailer, and more than 150 processing tomato trailers. Its central terminal is located in Dixon, Californiaand the offices are available every day of the year. Its wide experience transforms the company in a very efficient help for the rice, corn, safflower, beans, onions, garlic, potatoes and sugar beets harvest times.

The construction division of Mike Lowrie Trucking has 90 bottom dump trucks together with flatbeds and pneumatic trucks. This division can haul materials like plastic pipe, bagged materials, gypsum, asphalt and more. It does not matter the scale. For this, it has ten dedicated tractors, and two hay squeezes; those are in charge of transporting hay, alfalfa and other forage products.

You have two options to get involved in Mike Lowrie Trucking Company. First, if you are a class C driver, you must pass some physical and drug exams, and you must provide your driver record; then you have to get in a training program. The program is of 40 to 60 hours.

The opportunity to work in the tomato season requires hard work. The drivers work 16 hours per day and 7 days a week. But it exist the opportunity to continue in the company after the season.

The truck drivers have the option to apply not only for the tomato harvest but for the rest of the divisions. Mike Lowrie Trucking offers an average of $150 pay per day, local runs that allow drivers to be home every day, assigned trucks, modern Peterbilt tractors, insurance and more. The functions of the company drivers include agricultural, pneumatic, flat bed and bottom dump work.