Pacer Cartage Inc. Divisions and Efficiency


Pacer Cartage Inc. is a trucking company specialized in non-asset third-party intermodal freight transportation and logistics throughout the US. It offers a variety of services in several divisions to make the customers' business highly efficient and safe. Some of them are: intermodal freight transportation, rail intermodal services marketing, truck brokerage and they are now expanding into related logistics operations.


Pacer Cartage is responsible for more than 20% of all US shipments in intermodal rail container. This service represents over 79% of their annual revenues. The corporation provides logistics services from two segments, the wholesale segment and intermodal shipping. It also has the retail segment that provides services to shoppers. About the wholesale segment, the company is proud to say that it is one of the major non-railroad suppliers of intermodal rail in North America. It has a 50,000 mile rail network from the Union Pacific and CSX and it also operates with other railroads including the Canadian National Railroad and two more in Mexico. This service is offered especially to intermodal marketing companies, intermediaries in the automobile industry and international shipping companies.


To provide the truck brokerage, PCI uses nationwide network of over 5,000 independent trucking contractors to organize the movement of shipment in containers or trailers by truck. The truck service is also provided by independent agents and contractors who operate almost 1,000 vehicles from two to seventeen axles and 1,300 specialized trailers. PCI has other services such like Supply Chain Management and Warehousing and Distribution.