Western Parcel Express has Job Positions Available

By: Bubbajunk.com

Western Parcel Express was established in 1975 as a Mail Dispatch office in Alaska; in 1988 they acquired a based company called Data Distributors (Air Data in 1989) that offered service in the Northwest and Alaska. Their current name was recognized in 1995 and in the same year they were acknowledged as one of the seven companies under the standards of American Package Express. Nowadays this company provides their services to 10 western states from Alaska to California with over 600 drivers.


WPE works in three different divisions to offer their services and get efficiency and excellence. WPE Medical Delivery offers delivery solutions for the medical industry. They specialize in pick-up and drop-off of materials to and from product suppliers, laboratories, hospitals and clinics. For this service the company has a regional infrastructure that supports all medical air and ground transportation.


Other division is called Financial Services; they provide services in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Nevada and Idaho; this department is in charge of securing deliveries for leading national and regional financial institutions. Some of the companies that use this service are: Retail Banking, Payroll Services, Title Mortgage, Data Processing and ATM. Finally, the Specialized Delivery Division offers their delivery solutions at local, regional and national companies that operate in the Western U.S., they specialize in the daily pick-up and delivery of products and documents to and from retail outlets, business offices, service locations and processing centers.


WPE main offices are located in Alaska, Northern California, Western and Eastern Washington, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Northern Idaho, Utah, Montana and Arizona.


They are currently looking for people to work in several positions in Northern California, Washington and also independent contractors in Oregon.