Besl Transfer is Hiring Flatbed Contractors


Besl Transfer is looking for Owner Operators who can give flatbed services. Besl can offer them more than 60 terminals for service, safety awards, and a central office made for the benefit of the driversÂâ€Ã¢„¢ work.


The Besl Transfer was created in 1919 by Frank Besl. With a Ford Model T he brought food, coal and lumber through Cincinnati, Ohio. With a sharp vision, Frank Besl bought the first tandem axle tractor and a Rogers Drag Trailer in 1930 with the purpose to provide equipment hauling services to the construction industries.


The Besl Transfer Company continued growing, and by the 1970s the services included steel, building materials and lumber deliveries for important companies. Today, Besl Transfer crosses the Northwest, Southwest, Mid west, Southeast and Northeast territory.