Xpress Global Systems: Crossing the Country

By: Bubbajunk.com

Xpress Global Systems is part of the services offered by US Xpress Enterprises.  The function of Xpress Global Systems is to provide new forms of LTL deliveries. The company is also in charge of doing urgent deliveries with exclusive conditions, so it needs exclusive vehicles.


The services of Xpress Global Systems are given to 35 companies in the United States with 35 years of experience as background. The characteristics of the fleet are made to match the needs of the customers.


Modern tractors haul dry vans with capacities until 45,500 pounds. The trailers have sliding tandems, air ride suspensions, translucent roofs, and there are trailers with retractable roller floor systems. The tractors are equipped with spacious cabins, side tracker viewing and a Detroit Diesel Engine.


There are opportunities in the whole US Xpress company. The opportunities exist for solo drivers, teams and owner operators. For the solo drivers, the company offers 450 miles per day, 98% no touch freight, $30 per day after 24 hours, vacation pay, bonus and to be home for Christmas. The pay scale starts in $0.35 per mile. The opportunities are in the Western and Eastern regions and there are dedicated and regional routes. 


The team drivers start the pay scale with $0.20 individual and they have the same benefits as the solo drivers. Team drivers of US Xpress and its companies travel across the 48 states. 


The owner operators and the fleet operator are welcome to make business with US Xpress. The company offers a base of $0.83 per miles for all the dedicated and scheduled lanes. It also offers a support network, medical insurance, and more. There are plenty of business opportunities across the country with different characteristics for each state.