All Truck Transportation: Drivers at Home Every Night


The first contract of All Truck Transportation Company was a service to a metal can company. All Truck Transportation was born in 1978 and their founder is Mathew Alagna.


Today, All Truck Transportation has over 200 employees, two terminals, 185 tractors (according with the FMCSA) and 1000 van and flatbeds trailers. Their central offices are located in Chicago, Illinois. Among their clients are: International Paper, Corrugated Supplies, Lapham Hickey Steel and Rexam Beverages.


All Truck Transportation gives drivers the advantage of being home every day. That is because they do not have sleeping on the road and far runs. The company is also interested in the owner operators that have modern trucks. All Truck Transportation Company offers an efficient system in which the operator will not waste his time.