Ace Transportation is hiring company truck drivers.


Ace Transportation

Founded in 1982, Ace Transportation has grown in just 21 years, into one of our nation’s leading transportation service providers. Founded by Bill Busbice, Jr. and Jimmy Glasgow, this Lafayette, Louisiana-based Company had 2001 revenues of over $180 million.

Ace Transportation has a modern fleet of vehicles to use. The company has as available equipment: Tandem; Single Axle; Mini-Float; 2-ton; 1-ton; Mono Rail; Hot Shot.

At press time, Ace Transportation had 1373 tractors, 1373 trailers, and 1511 straight trucks.

Ace has over 90 locations in 9 different states. (Those nine states are: Louisiana; Texas, Mississippi; North Carolina; South Carolina; Tennessee; Wyoming; Georgia; and Florida).

Almost 1900 drivers work for Ace Transportation, and the company has a total of workforce of 2200.

Ace Transportation has grown dramatically in the 21 years since Mr. Glasgow and Mr. Busbice founded it. With strong leadership, and by continuing to provide great service to its’ customers, there is every reason to believe that ACE TRANSPORTATION will continue to grow…and thrive.