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Continental Truck Driving School is Enrolling Students in Texas

Grand Opening!  New Houston Location
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Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School is headquartered in Desoto, Texas with schools in Dallas, Richardson, and Houston, Texas.

Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School takes the time to teach both skill and safety providing you with all of the skills necessary to become a respected professional Truck Driver.

Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School Motto -
At Continental, safety is one of our top concerns both for the drivers and other vehicles around them.  Safety procedures are stressed throughout the entire course.  We feel that in order to be good and successful drivers you must be a safe driver.  We believe this so firmly that our school motto is "Safety Driver."

Continental Utilizes "State-Of-The-Art" classroom tools along with a variety of trucks and trailers for your hands-on-training.

As A Continental Truck Driving Student, one of the best job placement departments within the Trucking Industry is working hard for you.   

The United States is in need of Truck Drivers, now more than ever, and Continental Truck Driver Training is committed to providing quality professional driver training.

You will obtain the necessary skills to become a successful professional within today's Trucking Industry. 

Continental Truck Driving School and Education School also offers CDL refresher courses for those Drivers wanting to become better equipped for working within the Trucking Industry.

Continental Truck Driving School Student Testimonials -
I had a very good experience at CTDTES.  I was taught all the skills I needed in order to be a professional truck driver.  The school played an important role in me securing employment with a major company after graduation.  I have been with the same company for the last two years.  CTDTES gave me the confidence I needed to step into the industry as a professional driver and I am thoroughly enjoying my career - Eric N.

Learn more about how Continental Truck Driver Training & Education School can help you direct your own future as a Professional Truck Driver.