Truck driving jobs and Owner Operator jobs with Mayflower Transit Moving Company.


Mayflower Transit

Back in 1927, in a small town near Indianapolis, Conrad Gentry and Don Kenworthy had a brilliant idea.  Instead of folks having to move their belongings via railroad, why not provide a service where people could have their belongings moved via trucks, on our nation’s paved roads. That is how, MAYFLOWER TRANSIT got its’ start.

Founded by Mr. Gentry and Mr. Kenworthy, Mayflower has now grown into one of our nation’s leading providers of relocation services. Last year, Mayflower Transit had company revenues of over $299 million.

Mayflower uses drivers who are owner/operators, or drivers who are interested in becoming owner/operators.

Owner/Operators or drivers who have current moving industry experience can work for Mayflower Transit, as a part of its’ Household Fleet. To work as a driver in the Household Fleet, one must have 1-year of OTR, tractor-trailer driving experience, with a CDL (Class A). As you can imagine, a good driving record is also a must.

Also, owner/operators can drive for Mayflower Transit, as a part of its’ Special Commodities Fleet.  Drivers in the Special Commodities Fleet, transport trade show equipment, electronic equipment, and pad-wrapped items. (Mayflower does not transport any hazardous materials). ***Please note, that there are certain requirements that you must meet in order to drive for Mayflower in its’ Special Commodities Fleet.

Whether as a part of the Household Fleet or Special Commodities Fleet, Mayflower Transit is a great place for drivers to work. 76 years after Mr. Gentry and Mr. Kenworthy founded it, Mayflower is still going strong…would you like to be a part of the Mayflower Transit future?