Performance Communication CB Radio Repair Service.


Performance Communication

“One of the finest CB Shops in the Whole Country”
By: John McDowell

So youÂ’re driving down Interstate 30 near Texarkana, and youÂ’re having CB problems. Maybe you need a new antenna or a tune-up for your CB. Well truckers, located at Interstate 30 (Arkansas Exit #2), is one of the finest CB shops in the whole countryÂ…Â….Performance Communication. Performance Communication is located in the white building next to the BP Truck Stop, there at Exit 2 (on the Southwest side of the interstate, by the way).

If you did need a new antenna, Performance Communication is the “Home of the Copper Antenna”. The copper antennas are hand-made on the premises, and will give you the best performance you can imagine. Also, Performance Communication is the “Home of the $15 CB Tune-Up.” And while you’re there, you might also want to pick up a bottle (or 2) of Performance Polish, a truck polish which will have your truck looking shiny in no time.

Performance Communication is owned and operated by Sherry Thomason. On most days at the shop, you’ll also find her husband Floyd “Grumpy” Thomason. (By the way, don’t let the name “Grumpy” scare you off. This disabled vet is actually a very nice guy). Anyway, Performance Communication has been in business for a little more than 15 years now……and the business is thriving. Additionally, Floyd (Grumpy) Thomason alongside Bigfoot, the 35 lb. cat will be on the CB airwaves talking-up The First Annual Truck Driver Appreciation Day in Texarkana, AR, August 21, 2004 for several days before the show.

Sherry Thomason runs the day-to-day operations at Performance Communication, while “Grumpy” spends most of the day at the shop, being a CB radio talk show host of sorts). We’ll tell you more about the “Grumpy” CB show later on in the article.

Sherry can truly relate to what you truckers deal with, as she spent many years behind the wheel of a “big rig” herself. (Also, Performance Communication General Manager John Martin is a former trucker, as well). By offering great products and exceptional CB repair service, Sherry Thomason and her crew have built Performance Communication from a small company into one that is growing bigger each and every year.

As to “Grumpy”……he is somewhat of a CB radio legend around here (and pretty much anywhere else where you can pick him up on CB Radio Channels 19 or 21). While visiting Performance Communication the other day, “Grumpy” told me that the truckers still consider the CB radio airwaves to be their public forum, sort of a “Town Square”, if you will. It’s a place where truckers still come to let other truckers know about traffic hazards on the road, weather conditions, locations of highway patrol officers, etc. But it is also a place where they can discuss the “issues of the day.” And finally, the CB radio is a place where truckers can vent about things in the industry which bother them (federal regulations; dishonesty in the business; dispatchers; lawyers who are too willing to paint all truckers with the same “dangerous driver” brush; etc.)

“Grumpy” told me that he is often “on the air” as early as 9 a.m. and may still be chatting away as late as 7 or 8 OÂ’clock at night. (IÂ’d like to see a Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity try to do that long of a shift, wouldnÂ’t you?)  Anyway, when in range of “Grumpy” and his showÂ… sure to tune into CB Channels 19 or 21 and hear what your fellow truckers are chatting about. Who knows you might even want to give everyone your “2 cents worth”.

So, if you’re tooling down Interstate 30…near Texarkana….remember that Performance Communication is a great place to stop for all of your CB radio needs. Also, please remember that Performance Communication is “The Home of the Copper Antenna”, “The Home of the $15 CB Tune-Up”, and it’s also “The Home of Performance Polish”. And finally, Performance Communication is home to a great staff of folks who are ready to take care of all of your CB radio needs. Oh and one more thing, when you stop in and see the folks at Performance Communication, be sure to say “Hi” to Bigfoot. He’s a 35 lb. cat, who would appreciate some attention, too!

Performance Communication is located at 2919 East 54th Street in Texarkana, Arkansas. (Arkansas Exit # 2 on Interstate 30). The phone number for Performance Communication is (870)-774-6910.