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Prime, Inc. CDL Driver Training

Prime, Inc. CDL Driver Training Career Path (Get Paid to Earn your CDL)

Hiring out of all 48 Continental U.S. States!

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Prime, Inc. CDL Driver Training With Prime Inc.'s paid truck driving school, you can start on the road to success with no prior driving experience! And furthermore, you're learning from the best in the business, Prime Certified CDL Instructors!

Best of all, there's NO COST IF YOU STAY FOR A FULL YEAR! Here's how it works:

Begin your Apprenticeship:

You can begin your apprenticeship without a CDL. Prime's Truck Driving School takes you through the following:

  • Train on-site to obtain your CDL learner's permit.
  • Once you've earned your CDL learner's permit, you will then drive over the road training with a CDL instructor (Prime has a 1-to-1 student/instructor ratio)
  • Take your CDL test.

Once you graduate from a driver training program and obtain your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), you will then be scheduled for Prime's new-hire orientation. At this point, you will be considered a "B" seat driver and credited 10,000 miles towards your training mileage requirements.

Prime, Inc. CDL Driver Training"C" Seat

As a "C" seat driver, you will do the following:

  • Run Team training for 5 weeks with a certified trainer IF you received your CDL from another truck driving school, whereas you will run only one week as a "B" seat if your CDL is through the Prime CDL program.
  • $500 per week minimum or .10 cpm max paid on all dispatch authorized miles

"B" Class

Once you've passed through the "C" seat training, you will move on to the "B" class. Remember, if you earned your CDL through Prime, you will transition directly to this "B" position after you pass your road test.

  • Continue Team training until you complete approximately 60,000 total miles
  • Attend Classroom instruction at Prime's Training Center
  • Earn the greater of 12 cents per mile or $600 per week* Prime, Inc. CDL Driver Training

"A" Transition

The next stage you must complete another 20,000 miles to polish the skills that you have learned in the previous stages. You may complete this in a company truck running solo* earning .30 cents per mile or you may elect to complete this with your trainer at the B seat wage scale until you have completed a total of 80,000 miles.

"A" Seat

Prime, Inc. CDL Driver TrainingOnce you reach this point, you will be eligible to run your own company assigned truck or you may elect to lease a truck from the lease company and run it in the Prime network as an Independent Contractor in Reefer, Tanker, or Flatbed.

Note: If you have driving experience, you may transition into our career path with less training needed. This is specified by our safety department, please ask a recruiter where you qualify.

*If you recently completed a driving school, you may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursements up to $1,500!!

Prime Inc. Driver Requirements

  • Must be 21 years of age and have a valid driverís license
  • No more than 2 accidents in the last 3 years
  • No more than 4 moving violations in the last 3 years
  • No DWI or DUI restrictions in the last 3 years
  • No felony convictions in the last 7 years

Hiring out of all 48 Continental U.S. States!

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