Economy Picking Up Private Carriers Need Truck Drivers Now


Don’t let worries about past unemployment and CSA 2010 safety issues prevent you from a great opportunity.

CSA 2010

Many drivers and owner operators are fearful of making the move to a new driving job. They are afraid that once they apply for a new job their past safety and inspection records will be made known and that their past record will not allow them to be hired.

First of all, you really have no way to know how you stack up against other drivers or owner operators. You make think your safety record is not acceptable when in fact in may be better than the majority of drivers!

Did you know that your past safety record will in no way have a negative impact on the new company you go to work for? Only safety violations you receive while working for a company can impact the company’s safety score. Carriers will have no problem bringing on new drivers or owner operators that have some dings in their safety record.

Sure, trucking companies may require you take a little training that focuses on past safety issues, but as long as you remain a safe driver with your new carrier, you really have no problem. Trucking companies understand that it is in their best interest to help you keep your safety record clean, because that keeps their safety record clean.

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Many drivers were laid off as the economy deteriorated. In fact, nearly 25% of drivers were laid off. As a result, going on unemployment was the only way laid off truck drivers could survive. There were no other jobs to go to.

Now things are improving and the demand for drivers is skyrocketing. Unfortunately, many drivers fear that since they have been unemployed for a year or more they will have to start over at the bottom of the pay scale. That is just not true. Trucking companies realize that it was not the fault of the driver to be unemployed; it was the trucking companies themselves that laid the drivers off. So many of the policies regarding this situation are being adjusted and drivers are being allowed to quickly come back to the pay that matches their experience.

There are many opportunities for private carrier company jobs and owner operators today. Companies need you, they can’t exist without you! Freight is increasing and so is driver pay. If you want to make a change or start back in after being laid off, now is the time to act. Apply today! If you don’t apply for the job, someone else will. If you don’t want to fill out an application, just pick up the phone and call. Don’t let the other guy/gal get the job you want!